KAROLINA LUX: Is a belly dancer, burlesque artist, actress, vocalist, and trumpet-player, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. With experience performing and choreographing a multitude of movement styles from swing, to hip-hop, to jazz, to salsa, to capoeira and judo, to ballet, Karolina is a Mean Entertainment Machine! Since her stage debut at the age of eight, in Oklahoma, Karolina found herself quickly more comfortable on stage with blinding lights in her eyes than not. After leaving theater for belly dance at age 14 (under supervision of world-famous tribal belly dance sensation Zoe Jakes) Karolina’s nine-year career in belly dance eventually led her to a combination of both passions in the vaudeville/variety theater industry. Now, after performance and instruction in three internationally distributed DVDs, employment in Belly Dance Soulfire (Troupe of the Nation, Belly Dancers of the Universe) and Sinn Savvy Burlesque, earning the titles Best Breakthrough Fusion Belly Dancer 2011, and Best Fusion/Alternative Belly Dancer 2010, teaching and dancing at festivals across the country, performing or touring for such acclaimed groups as Unmata, Beats Antique, Vagabond Opera, and even hip-hop’s original hype celebrity Flava-Flav, Karolina is excited to present to the world: The Mata Hari Hustle! Her years of experience founding multiple non-profit organizations, B.A. work in ethnic dance studies at four universities, collegiate training in dance administration and writing, and production of tours and shows give her expansive knowledge to bring this fabulous production to the world! About: http://karolinabellydance.com Belly Dance Soulfire: http://bellydancesoulfire.com Sinn Savvy Burlesque: http://sinnsavvyproductions.com/

 NOAH MICKENS: is a theatrical director, circus ringmaster, scrap metal percussionist, compere, butoh dancer, event producer, songwriter, hype machine, and bon vivant. Once labelled “the impressario of the underground”, he has founded and performed in such diverse performing troupes as Wanderlust Circus (with Nick the Creature), Bogville (with NagaSita), Societas Insomnia (with David Heifetz), The 999 Eyes of Endless Dream (with Dylan McPuke and Samantha X), and Nequaquam Vacuum (with Tyler Armstrong); as well as such one-shot productions as A Midsummer Night’s Dream (a butoh adaptation, with Mizu Desierto), Day of the Zombie (a rock opera, with Zombie Dan Abbott), and the forthcoming Queen of Knives (an opera, with Eric Stern). As a musician, Mickens has focused on singing and on the creation of improvised music using found objects, most particularly scrap metal. In addition to his own ensemble, Nequaquam Vacuum , some of the ensembles he’s played with include Soriah, Pretty Art Narcotic, The Steve MacKay Ensemble, Danse Perdue, Z’EV, Implied Violence, Sikhara, The Hop-Frog Kollectif, Moe! Staiano’s Moe!kestra!, and Damo Suzuki’s Network. Beginning with the independently-produced 36 Invitsibles series at The Jasmine Tree tiki lounge; his curatorial and organizational Work has included serving on the board of directors for 2Gyrlz Performative Arts and The EnterActive Language Festival; a U.S. node of the international Radon collective; creative director of Someday Lounge during its early period (and before); and in-house booker for Rotture, Branx, and The Hippodrome. He’ll take you off like a Saturday. About: http://wanderlustcircus.com

RUSSELL BRUNER: is a Portland-based performer who spends much of his time performing in the Northwest with the Wanderlust Circus, as well as burlesque group Sinn Savvy Productions. Russell also owns Swing Time PDX, a production company that specializes in the dance, music, fashion and performance art of the Swing Era. Russell loves to tour on the I-5 Freeway that travels through all his favorite cities. Most importantly: Russell likes to wear hats and knows how to tie a bow tie. About: http://swingtimepdx.com

NAGASITA: is a Tribal Nouveau belly dancer based in Portland, Oregon. Her youth in Hawaii dancing with the Hula Halau gave her the perfect foundation for Tribal Belly dance, which she began practicing just after moving to Portland and simultaneously dedicating herself to Trika yoga at the Rudrananda Ashram. Now after 9 years of studies in yoga and belly dance; with her performance roots in the Serpentine lineage and her growing notoriety as a director and performer in the dark theatre troupe Bogville, family member of the Wanderlust Circus, founder and choreographer for Tribal-Nouveau dance troupe APSARA, NagaSita has emerged as a force of nature in the Bohemian underground.  About:  http://nagasitadance.wordpress.com

SUGAR KANE: Sugar Kane is a modern day Ginger Rogers. She loves partner dancing and fast and fancy footwork. She is a frequent flyer with Russell Bruner’s Swing Time PDX, and can be seen breaking hearts in the most fabulously esteemed theatrical, burlesque, and variety reviews in the NW. She also is a dance instructor in Portland, but loves taking her charismatic energy and expansive knowledge of Swing Era moves on the road at any opportunity!

About: http://swingtimepdx.com

LUTHER: Luther Bangert is a juggler and sword swallower, along with mastery of other uncommon talents, originally from southeast Iowa. He has recently moved to Portland, Oregon, after returning to the country from a tour with Great Bombay Circus in southern
India. Luther has also performed with Cirque Stupendo & Dr. Eli Calico’s Medicine Show,
and Wanderlust Circus.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rgtaSH9dr4


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